The National Career Development Association (NCDA) provides standardized training for career services practitioners. Training for career facilitation covers the following competencies as addressed by the NCDA Career Development Facilitator Curriculum:

  1. Helping Skills - Be proficient in the basic career facilitating process while including productive interpersonal relationships.
  2. Labor Market Information and Resources - Understand labor market and occupational information and trends. Be able to use current resources.
  3. Assessment - Comprehend and use (under supervision) both formal and informal career development assessments with emphasis on relating appropriate ones to the population served.
  4. Diverse Populations - Recognize special needs of various groups and adapt services to meet their needs.
  5. Ethical and Legal Issues - Follow the NCDA Code of Ethics and the GCDF Code of Ethics and know current legislative regulations.
  6. Career Development Models - Understand career development theories, models, and techniques as they apply to lifelong development, gender, age, and ethnic background.
  7. Employability Skills - Know job search strategies and placement techniques, especially in working with specific groups.
  8. Training Clients and Peers - Prepare and develop materials for training programs and presentations.
  9. Program Management/Implementation - Understand career development programs and their implementation, and work as a liaison in collaborative relationships.
  10. Promotion and Public Relations - Market and promote career development programs with staff and supervisors.
  11. Technology - Comprehend and use career development computer applications.
  12. Consultation - Accept suggestions for performance improvement from consultants or supervisors.

Format of training

The 120-hour training would be delivered face to face or online for 8 weeks. Each week the training session is 2 hours long. Participants will have weekly assignments and reading requirements.


A completion certificate issued satisfies training requirements for the NCDA's Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP). More info about NCDA's credentialing process here

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